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I am born and raised in Zeddam and my great love for photography already started in my childhood. A love that was anchored in my heart, a heart I must follow. My love for distant countries, other cultures, and the individual, in particular, taught me to look at the world differently.

For more than 17 years I have been professionally engaged in the photography and I have proven myself through my work in portrait and business photography. Several awards passed the way and in November 2015, I was rewarded with my Silver Master by the Dutch association MPN.

In November 2016, I got my qualification from the European association FEP as Qualified European Photographer which means I can compete with the top of Europe.

On my journey, I became fascinated by old, empty, abandoned factories/buildings. Especially the way nature plays her game and slowly takes back what was once built by mankind. Incredible shapes and the enormous range coloring that are created by time show that the elements of nature started their game already for a long time. In a fabulous and magical way, the building discloses its story of a long forgotten vibrant existence as well as that there is no other way than to give itself back to the forces of nature.

The structures of the building and the things that are left behind change in an intriguing way, making the whole scene into an object of art. This is where the magic happens. I feel a tremendous desire to capture this feeling and to save it for the future, the memory of forgotten times.

This undertaking is not without risk. The places are abandoned, entering is often illegal and there is always the danger of collapse. None of these can keep me from searching for these places and capturing that one image that tells the story. Once inside it is really getting me into the zone, examining the place, searching for that one shot in which the building discloses just a few of its many secrets.

These images are for sale in limited editions. They are printed on high quality paper and finished at a high standerd. Interested? Or maybe you have an object of your own that you would like to preserve for the future? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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